Musketawa Trail

The Musketawa Trail is a 25 mile paved, multi-use recreation trail between Marne and Muskegon, Michigan. It passes through farmlands and wetlands, over creeks, and through villages. The trail is a 4 season adventure for the outdoor enthusiast, living healthy and having fun. It provides a safe and natural environment for individual, family, and organizational use. This trail is enjoyed by bikers, snowmobilers, horseback riders, rollerbladers, cross-country skiers, wheelchair travelers, hikers, and nature lovers. We hope that you will come and enjoy it with us!


Events & Meetings

Friends of the Musketawa Trail Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, Friends of the Musketawa Trail meetings are held quarterly at the Ravenna Village Hall, located at 12090 Crockery Creek Dr., Ravenna, MI 49451.

Date Time Location
May 7 7 PM Ravenna Village Hall
August 6 7 PM Ravenna Village Hall
October 1 7 PM Ravenna Village Hall